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4G camera development trend

source:Industry News release time:2022-09-14 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

  UHD 4K Webcam

  The security industry is an industry that emerged with the needs of modern social security. With the commercialization of AI and I0T, the security system has also begun a new round of intelligent upgrades. Technicians focus on the reform and innovation of video surveillance technology, and the industry has gone through four stages: analog monitoring, digital monitoring, network high-definition monitoring and intelligent monitoring, from "seeing, seeing far, seeing clearly to understanding". Meishi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. keeps up with the pace of the industry, and breakthroughs in each stage of the industry are technological innovations in the security industry.

  In the entire industry, product supply, engineering construction and operation services related to the field of video surveillance account for half of the total industry value, so it can be said that the field of video surveillance is the barometer and vane of the security industry. It is conceivable that the security market is huge. The demand for video surveillance IoT cards brought about by the development of the security market has also brought new development opportunities to IoT AI service providers. In the security industry chain, hardware equipment manufacturing, system integration and operation services are the core of the industry chain, channel promotion is the meridian of the industry chain, and the IoT card is a beacon that can drive the intelligent monitoring industry into a new milestone. At present, the security industry is at the end of the network high-definition stage and the beginning stage of intelligence. The high-definition network cameras and network cameras in the market account for about 76% and 24% respectively, while the proportion of intelligent network cameras is less than 1%, indicating that the market demand for intelligent network cameras is extremely hungry. In order to fill the market gap of intelligent network cameras, Dongguan Maishi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with excellent module manufacturers to cooperate with new "4G surveillance camera" products to escort people's happy life. This 4G surveillance camera has a wide range of application scenarios, such as factories, roads, shops or home environments. The design is compact and lightweight, and easy to install; the machine card separation setting allows you to change operators at will; the material of sun protection and thunderstorm protection allows you to use it with peace of mind in heavy rain; 360° rotatable design, intelligent rotation to track characters, let the bad guys There is nowhere to run.

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