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Application of high-definition wired card network camera

source:Industry News release time:2022-09-15 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

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  High-definition wired card network camera is a new generation of integrated security monitoring products. It is a simple network camera derived from the traditional network camera and hard disk video recorder monitoring system. It integrates video, intelligent moving object detection, and loop recording. Coexistence means that the video files recorded by the network camera are directly stored in the TF memory card of the fuselage, and the monitoring camera storage can be implemented without connecting with other devices, without the need for a video recorder and cumbersome wiring.

  The benefits of a wired card network camera are:

  1. Simple installation: no need for cumbersome cloth, plug and play.

  2. Save money: no video recorder, hard disk, monitor, just one card and one machine.

  The wired card network camera is a video recorder that is suitable for use in shops, homes, offices and warehouses that want to save money.

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