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Classification of webcams

source:Industry News release time:2022-11-25 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

  All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

  1. The types of webcam lenses in different applications can be roughly divided into:

  (1) Wide angle lens: the angle of view is above 90 degrees, which is generally used in places with large angle of view such as elevator car box and lobby;

  (2) Standard lens: the angle of view is about 30 degrees, which is generally used in walkways, community boundaries and other places;

  (3) Long focus lens: the angle of view is within 20 degrees, and the focal length is from tens of millimeters to hundreds of millimeters for remote monitoring;

  (4) Zoom lens: the focus range of the lens is variable, which can be changed from wide angle to long focus, and the viewing angle range is wide;

  (5) Pinhole lens: used to conceal the network.

  2. Webcams are divided by imaging color:

  (1) Color network camera: It is suitable for distinguishing the details of scenery, such as clothes or the color of scenery.

  (2) Black and white webcam: It is applicable to areas with insufficient light and areas where lighting equipment cannot be installed at night. When only monitoring the location or movement of the scene, black and white webcam can be used.

  3. Webcams are divided by resolution sensitivity, etc.:

  (1) The image pixels below 380000 are general, especially the products with 250000 pixels (512 * 492) and a resolution of 400 lines.

  (2) High resolution type with more than 380000 image pixels.

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