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Details you need to know about high-definition webcam

Time:Dec 19,2022Views:

1080P Mini USB Webcam


  HD network camera, with 1920X1080 pixels, has infrared night vision function. Many friends have already learned the parameters of HD network camera. Would you deal with daily problems such as fog?

  For friends in the north, besides the name of sandstorm, fog and frost, the natural climate has also been a problem that has plagued electronic products such as webcams and webcams. There are solutions to this problem. Let's have a look!

  In fact, problems such as fog and water vapor can be solved by the following ways:

  Fog appears inside the machine: fog and frost are formed due to the condensation of saturated water vapor in the air when cold. Frost and fog are formed due to the strong and weak cold environment. During the working process of webcams, especially indoor webcams often form fog or frost on the protective cover window glass due to fog or water vapor in the venue, which makes the camera unable to see objects clearly and directly affects the network effect.

  Different countries have different solutions to this problem. Add defrosting circuit, open air hole, fill nitrogen, add fan, discharge desiccant, etc. The methods are different, and the results are certainly different. Some can solve problems, while others cannot. However, from the most basic point of view, it is necessary to strictly control the cleaning of materials and try to eliminate the existence of volatile matter. For example, PCB board shall be free of residual flux, and the light shielding rubber cover shall be made of high-quality silicone material.