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How to learn all about PTZ cameras in 5 minutes? (Just read this one)

source:Industry News release time:2022-09-17 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera


How to learn all about PTZ cameras in 5 minutes? (Just read this one)

What is a PTZ camera?

PTZ is the abbreviation of Pan/Tilt/Zoom, which means a camera that can achieve all-round (up/down/left/right) movement and variable zoom. Camera movement can be controlled from a distance by remote control, control software, intelligent algorithms, etc., to meet the video needs of different scenes.


How to choose ptz camera?

Anywii PTZ Camera

Anywii launched PTZ cameras, namely HC701 and HC730, with 1080P@60 fps image resolution, excellent color reproduction and superior optical accuracy, where HC730 is equipped with a 20x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom lens, while HC701 is equipped with a 12x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom lens. The viewing angle of 58°~72°, with 3D noise reduction, provides users with clear audio and video output.


Both devices can output 1080P video in NDI, HDMI, 3G-SDI, and USB at the same time, which is suitable for various applications using HDMI and IP. H.264 and H.265 encoding are also supported. The devices also feature smooth PTZ mechanics, precise zoom positioning, fast PTZ motion, and 200 preset positions, making them ideal for video conferencing in medium to large conference rooms.


What application scenarios for PTZ cameras?

In large conference rooms, Anywii PTZ cameras can meet your needs. The PTZ rotation and zoom functions balance a large panoramic view with close-ups of individual speakers, and the 1080P@60 fps resolution and smooth frame rate allow for smooth HD video images to be output. In addition you can equip Anywii omnidirectional microphones M01 or M09, both of which have built-in 3D noise reduction, expanding the pickup distance in large conference rooms and outputting clear human voices. The all-in-one design also eases the deployment of wiring in conference rooms and reduces equipment costs. It is convenient for staff to operate and reflects the new experience of intelligent, efficient and convenient video conferencing.


PTZ cameras provide great convenience for homebound students during the epidemic online classes. In addition, office video, live streaming and recording of application scenarios such as live streaming and recording also require the use of PTZ cameras. Equipped with PTZ camera in the classroom to clearly record the teacher's class and the contents of the blackboard. The Anywii PTZ camera can also be connected to live streaming software to output high-definition, stable video images. The technology is used to provide students with an immersive teaching scene. Whether it is a church or a wedding scene, it can perform very well.


How to install the PTZ camera?

PTZ cameras are locally available with joystick control via internet application or remote control. This is indeed a great feature of them. But they are not the answer to all surveillance problems. We have seen that over-reliance on their systems. It can make the system operation rigid, as if everything must be monitored and adjusted according to the needs of the PTZ function to be useful. This is not very helpful for those who need the flexibility to use them to set their monitoring range. Because the monitoring of the intended angle is still the heaviest monitoring range, too much reliance on PTZ cameras will only make the operator lazy and lose vigilance. Therefore, we recommend that to have a good PTZ camera in your system. It must be paired with fixed cameras for optimal coverage area allocation, in order to effectively grasp the appropriate coverage, whether local or remote control.

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