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How to position camera for a large video conference? (3 considerations that should not be ignored)

Time:Jul 27,2022Views:

How to position camera for a large video conference? (3 considerations that should not be ignored)


There are many options for conference cameras, and it will not be told here. The following is to introduce how to go to place the conference camera to make the best results of the meeting, and the matters that need to be noted.


Usually in large meetings, is the need for a long time to record. Therefore, the conference camera should be installed in the front of the conference room, you can observe the entire conference room. You can also install one in the back of the conference room, you can observe the panoramic view of the conference room in all directions. The installation location of the camera should consider the power supply, the communication situation and the monitoring area. First of all, consider the power supply situation because it is most convenient to lay power lines in this location. Secondly, consider the case of communication because it can not be too far away from the switch. The maximum transmission distance of the network cable is only 90 meters, if more than 90 meters to use fiber optic transmission. Finally, consider the situation of the monitoring area is to achieve full coverage of the monitoring area.


Precautions for the use of conference cameras


1. Close cooperation and maintain communication is very important

In the large conference shooting, the focus is still concentrated on the distribution of personnel and cooperation. The cameramen need a good division of labor and cooperation, both to complete the shooting and to cooperate well. Before the meeting shooting, we need to fully understand the entire meeting process, but there is no guarantee that certain adjustments will not be made in the process. So it is especially critical to keep the information communication between the entire photography and videography team is important, more convenient way of communication is very necessary. Especially when it comes to follow up, live photography pictures, are connected to the phone and camera. It is convenient to see the information passed to each other, and it is convenient to deal with emergencies in the shooting process.


2. Details of the live broadcast considerations

Large-scale conference shooting, whether it is cloud photography or live video, if the meeting is large, the organizer may also require live streaming. If it is a live video, in which case we need to use and equipped with a video switch to complete such work. Prepare the camera video cable, audio cable to connect with the video switchers, these details are very important. Large meetings have a large background curtain, if possible, it is recommended to communicate with the organizer in advance to determine, as far as possible, the meeting curtain made without obvious reflective or matte material, in this case, you can avoid the appearance of light spots in the video or photos. Details determine success or failure, these need to accumulate experience.


3. The professionalism of the meeting shooting personnel


Conference shooting whether it is a photo or video shooting, the requirements of the photographer are very high, our photographer must have a keen visual perception ability, to capture the moment to capture the wonderful picture. In different venues under different conditions, we require our photographers to have a wealth of experience in the composition of the scene, shooting good works.