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How to use a mobile phone to remotely network a webcam at home

source:Industry News release time:2022-09-21 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

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  Network camera, you can install the matching APP on your mobile phone to realize the security network equipment for remote network viewing, which greatly facilitates a lot of users. Whether you are going out or at home, you can take out the mobile APP anytime and anywhere to view your home or store. Or the dynamics of the company, which is really reassuring.


  Remote network, how to remotely view the home webcam on the mobile phone, and how to view the recording of the webcam through different devices, the editor thinks that you should first install the webcam APP.


  Real-time viewing through the mobile APP or remote viewing of the network home situation, you can also add real-time playback, so that you do not miss every important link.


  The two-way voice function allows you to make two-way calls or obtain the audio of the recorded video during the network viewing process, so as to keep abreast of all emergencies in the network area.


  Are there any requirements for the usage scenarios of the webcam? Xiaobian seems that users choose this webcam in addition to simple installation, but also can be installed in different areas according to their own needs.

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