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Is the webcam connected to the router or switch?conference video camera wholesale

Time:Nov 17,2022Views:

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  Whether the webcam is connected to the router or the switch, many friends are confused. For the connection problem between the current webcam and webcam, I suggest you separate two webcams and webcams to analyze.


  The first webcam webcam connection steps: equipment: webcam, router, switch,

  Principle analysis: webcam, the transmission way, is to use an IP address to access the network, or access; Routers and switches have two-way access or outgoing functions. Both have the same requirements and can be fully satisfied.

  How to connect the webcam to the router

  1. First of all: you should make sure that the network can access the Internet

  2. First realize the intranet IP LAN viewing. Generally, the intranet IP 192.168.1. * * of the webcam is not necessarily known

  3. Then install the plug-in on the computer where you want to see the image

  There are two types of plug-ins

  One is that the general network plug-in will be automatic in 4.5 seconds, while the default of ordinary computers is that unknown plug-ins are not allowed to be downloaded

  Therefore, it is necessary to enable all the Activex plug-ins related to the Internet option security Internet and local Internet custom level

  In this way, input the intranet IP on IE for 2.3 seconds, and then input the default account password. The channel pops up. Double click the channel to watch

  The other is to install the remote client with the CD of the webcam and add the default account password of the intranet IP

  3. After the basic steps are clear, it will be simple for the external network

  First, connect the network camera to the Internet cable, and select the automatic access IP in the network function

  It is important to see the default image port

  To set port mapping on the router

  Then restart

  After restarting, enter the network function, and you will see that the webcam has automatically acquired an IP address

  This IP address is the Internet IP address. Every time the webcam is powered off, the Internet IP address changes

  Besides, why should router port mapping do this

  How can a router know which computers are to be accessed by an external network when multiple computers are connected to a router? Port mapping is required here

  Log in to the router and set the port of the webcam you just saw

  The following description of router settings is carried out in the route configuration interface. The domain name is used. There may be differences with other router configuration interfaces

  1. First select the Internet access method in the "Setting Wizard" of the router in the network where the DVR/DVS is located

  2. Set the "network parameters" of the router. The following figure shows the parameter settings of the LAN port, including the mask and gateway of the LAN The IP address is the gateway of the intranet

  3. Make port mapping at the virtual server option in the router's forwarding rules, as shown in the following figure The port numbers of DVR1 are 80 and 8000, and the IP address is The port numbers of DVR2 are 81 and 8001, and the IP address is Then select ALL or TCP in the protocol and select Enable The port mapping function is implemented after saving the corresponding settings

  By setting as above We have mapped port 80 and 8000 of the router to DVR/DVS, and port 81 and 8001 to DVR/DVS In this way, port 80 or 8000 of the router accesses DVR/DVS, and port 81 or 8001 of the router accesses DVR/DVS

  Note: The port number of DVR/DVS cannot conflict with other port numbers. For example, the web management port number of the router is 80. In this case, you can modify the port number of the router or our DVR/DVS

  4. If the DVR/DVS terminal is connected via PPPOE Then you need to apply for a domain name first, and then fill in the relevant information of the domain name applied in the "Dynamic DNS" setting of the router. And enable DDNS. If the user name is dahua, the relevant information will be displayed after the connection is successful. Before using the domain name, you must

  To activate it, you can activate it in the domain name management office, which is a tool of the peanut shell client. Sometimes you can activate it through the "Domain Name Activation" option of the router. Then fill in the corresponding user name and password in the dynamic DNS of the router and enable it.