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Precautions for buying web cam!video conference camera

source:Industry News release time:2022-06-08 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

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  Web cam can be seen everywhere in our lives. Industrial parks, commercial areas, and residential areas have installed web cams. As a hot-selling product in the monitoring market, it plays an important role in ensuring the safety of people's property and personal safety.

  So, what aspects should you consider when buying a camera?

  First, the place where the web cam is used affects the choice of its installation method. Nowadays, the types and models of web cams are more diverse. Its installation methods include fixed installation and pan-tilt installation. The installation process of the former is more complicated. , the price is relatively expensive, and the installation type of the gimbal is convenient, cost-effective, and contains a motorized zoom lens, and people tend to this type.

  Second, the installation location selection, there are two kinds of wall installation, ceiling installation, no need to use other auxiliary tools, simple and fast.

  3. Considering the installation light environment of the web cam, try to choose the type with infrared night vision function. Don't worry about it at night, the monitoring picture quality is poor and not clear enough. Automatic fill light, at the same time, good concealment, good cost performance.

  Fourth, choose the clarity of the image, such as banks, jewelry stores, these places have high requirements for the clarity of the image quality, so when choosing a web cam, you should choose a model with high resolution, so that the images presented in this way Quality HD.

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