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Video conference camera movement tracking mode

source:Industry News release time:2022-07-29 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

According to the above principle, we can divide the mobile tracking into two main ways: area automatic tracking and locking precise tracking.

1.Area tracking: 

means that if an object enters the set area of the video conference camera, it tracks its movement, and after tracking beyond the range, the camera automatically returns and conducts a new round of tracking at the observation point. Area tracking function is mainly applicable to the environment with low foot traffic, if a moving person or object enters the monitoring range of the camera, the camera will automatically track it, but can not lock the specific person or target. Once there are multiple objects moving at the same time in the monitoring area, the surveillance camera will lose the target object.

2.Locked precise tracking: 

After the user specifies the target, the video conference camera will automatically track the movement of the object. Locked tracking technology is achieved by template matching algorithm, it is mainly suitable for high-traffic environment, as long as the manually locked after the target being tracked, even if there are other moving objects in the monitoring area will not lose the first locked target.

The locking tracking can be set to manual locking and automatic locking. Manual locking tracking is done by selecting a box on the screen with the mouse on the tracking target, and then locking the tracking target. Whether the target is moving or stationary, it will automatically track other moving objects, and the tracking is fast and smooth.

The first moving target is automatically tracked by moving auto-lock tracking, i.e. whoever moves first will follow. If the first moving target stops, there is a second target moving, it will automatically track the second moving target. General video conferencing equipment cameras are used in the mobile auto-lock tracking technology.

It should be noted that, in fact, in large meetings, will also use image recognition linkage tracking, voice recognition linkage tracking and infrared recognition linkage tracking. In short, powerful mobile tracking technology to become one of the future trends in the development of video conference cameras.

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