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Video conferencing camera movement tracking technology principle

Time:Jul 29,2022Views:

Video conferencing equipment camera as a video conferencing camera, many users do not know about it, why people move, the camera will follow the turn? What is the principle of tracking technology? The following Anywii will analyze the camera moving tracking technology for you.

For video conferencing camera, the mobile tracking function can not be controlled by the back-end software platform, as long as the front-end can automatically complete the task of tracking. When the target object into the visual range of the camera, the camera can automatically identify the direction of the target movement, and automatically control the PTZ rotation, the moving target tracking, so that the object is located in the center of the screen, while the target can be automatically zoomed. Automatic tracking continues until the target leaves the visual range of the camera, the camera returns to the original observation point to prepare for the next tracking.

The implementation of automatic tracking technology is based entirely on its unique functional modules, intelligent high-speed generally consists of power mechanism, precision transmission device, camera, digital decomposition. Mechanical design compact and lightweight structure, high positioning accuracy and reliability, which makes the video conference camera can be fast and accurate automatic tracking, that is, any positioning, but also the full range of automatic cruising, to achieve a true blind spot-free monitoring. Its main applications are video surveillance, distance education and other fields.

In addition, the lens part of the camera will generally choose a high-performance lens, optical zoom multiplier is generally up to 20 times or more. This allows the camera to automatically zoom and focus for the tracking target, when the distance between the target and the camera changes, but also automatically adjust the focal length to ensure that the target object in the picture of the appropriate proportion.

However, due to the complexity of the field environment, the light to meet the above requirements or not enough, in the tracking process, sometimes there are multiple moving objects, which is likely to make the camera tracking to the object you do not want to see. Therefore, the tracking function of the video conferencing camera is sometimes not the most critical, it is more necessary to focus on the pixels of the camera and the zoom magnification.