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Webcam Features

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  Webcam Features

   Network, digital image signal output: This is the most basic difference between an analog camera and a network camera, that is to say, the network camera not only includes the equipment of the analog camera, but also adds other equipment with higher integration on the basis of it. and function. See "Network Camera Structure" for details.

   Stand-alone system features: A single network camera can not only complete AD (analog-to-digital) conversion and processing of various signals, but also provide a unified network transmission mode, which can realize video and audio signals and control on a five-category line Two-way transmission of signals, a single camera can form a set of streaming media monitoring system. For details, please refer to "Network Camera Stand-alone System".

   Simplifies the characteristics of the monitoring system: a single channel can transmit various types of video, audio, control, etc., and the back end does not need equipment such as capture cards, and the video decoding, image display, storage and other equipment can be directly performed in the computer. The control of the front-end camera points greatly simplifies the traditional monitoring DVR system. For details, see "Network Camera Standalone System".

   Remote and unlimited monitoring features: IP cameras can not only form a local area network, but also connect to the Internet to form a wide area network. The advanced streaming media system can achieve clear and coherent image transmission even when the network bandwidth fluctuates greatly, and truly achieve remote monitoring.

   Mobile phone remote monitoring features: At the back end, not only can the front-end camera be monitored in real time through the computer, but also the real-time, clear and smooth streaming media images can be viewed through the mobile phone, which truly makes the vision roaming infinitely and the business is under control. middle.

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