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Webcam price and features.China web camera

source:Industry News release time:2022-04-14 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

  China webcam with ring light direct sales

  A webcam is a new type of webcam that combines traditional webcams with network technology. It can transmit the audio and video recorded by the webcam to the other end of the customer through the network, so as to realize remote web browsing and perform audio and video files. Real-time editing, storage and other operations, because of the convenience and practicability of network cameras, are installed and used by many companies, enterprise warehouses, etc., so as to achieve long-distance monitoring or operation. Let's take a look at the prices of the specific products of the network cameras sold on the market.

  A 4-way 2 million network camera set under the Hikvision brand costs 2,300 yuan. The product is very simple in the installation process, only one network cable is needed, no power supply module, no power cable and switch are required, the network cable can supply power directly, and the later maintenance is also very simple, thus saving time and effort. The effect of the camera is as high as 2 million high-definition pixels, so the picture taken is very clear, and it can achieve real-time high-definition, and you can control the occasion you are shooting anytime, anywhere.

  A product of the Qiao An brand is JA-731*RH-T, the price is about 88 yuan. The product adopts the design of infrared anti-reflection panel, which makes the product more concealed, and the captured picture is more uniform, and there is no dead angle shooting, and the array of infrared lamps has superimposed high-quality reflection, which greatly improves the product. The performance of the network camera can be clear even at night. The unique cooling technology of Qiao An brand, the heat dissipation of the network camera product is very good, thus increasing the service life of the network camera.

  A product under the Wostar brand, model 62H10P, costs about 68 yuan. The product adopts the automatic switching mode of dual filters, which can be easily switched between day and night, and the high-definition lens of up to 3 million lenses, and password protection can be implemented for remote locations, and administrator privileges can be set to achieve high security. The fifth-generation infrared lamp of the product has uniform luminous flux and high efficiency. The specially treated waterproof tail can effectively reduce the failure problem caused by water entering the interface.

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