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What are the advantages of high-definition webcams?

source:Industry News release time:2022-11-16 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

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  (1) Remote management and cost saving retail chain stores are highly decentralized, with local chain stores nearby and trans city, trans province and even trans national chain stores far away, which will inevitably bring great inconvenience to chain store owners in management. It is difficult for shopkeepers who do not have the technique of separation to know the specific situation of stores around the country in a timely and accurate manner. With the popularization of the network, the application of high-definition webcam can completely solve this problem. The owners of chain stores need only log in to the designated website, enter the user name and password, and can know the real-time on-site situation of each chain store at any time, as well as the working status of the staff, the store furnishings, and the customer flow.

  2) Uniform standard is the best image display

  Chain store management has a unified store, a unified display style, a unified logo, a unified distribution, and a unified service. All kinds of unified requirements are bound to bring trouble to the shopkeeper in management. However, through the real-time high-definition video attention of high-definition webcams, not only the store owners can clearly understand the situation of each store, but also enhance the opportunities for chain stores to learn from each other and enhance communication.

  With the prosperity of market economy in recent years, product homogeneity competition is becoming increasingly fierce, which is particularly prominent in retail products. HD webcam can play its unique advantages. Chain stores only need to hang their products in the designated stores, release their user names and passwords to the vast number of consumers, and accept consumers' attention to the situation of the store and supervision of the store services at any time. This kind of communication form, which connects shops and consumers through high-definition webcams, not only effectively shows the real image of chain stores to consumers, but also effectively promotes the image of shops and enterprises in a wider range.

  (3) Safety monitoring, easy management

  The application of security equipment in commercial buildings and residential districts is very different. The number and scale of retail chain stores are increasing. For more than a decade, retail chain stores have not paid much attention to security management. The main reason is that retail chain stores are relatively scattered, and most of them are scattered small and medium-sized stores, which cannot achieve centralized security management of commercial buildings. The emergence of high-definition network camera can truly solve the security management of individual retail chain stores, high-definition monitoring, and security problems at a glance.

  The existence of such functions as remote video monitoring, monitoring area setting, image capture, timing recording and SMS alarm undoubtedly brings great convenience to the security work of retail chain stores. The clear area care setting of the high-definition webcam can track all the conditions in the care area in real time. In case of any abnormal condition, the webcam can send an alarm message to the user in the form of SMS and automatically record high-definition video. It provides valuable materials for the shopkeeper to understand the situation after work.

  Web camera interconnection standards:

  At present, most high-definition webcams use H 264 compression standard, but each manufacturer has its own communication protocol, which can not form interconnection among multiple manufacturers. The introduction in 2005 effectively solves this problem, but not all network camera manufacturers support this standard. When purchasing, you must purchase manufacturers that support the ONVIF protocol, otherwise the after-sales maintenance in the later stage will be very troublesome!

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