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What do you want to know about installing webcams?

Time:Dec 06,2022Views:

  UHD 4K Webcam

  Question 1: How high is the webcam?

  It is recommended that the indoor area should not be less than 2.5 meters and the outdoor area should not be less than 3.5 meters. Although these figures are simple, they take into account the indoor height and the angle of lens downforce, as well as the length of exposure during outdoor installation and the factors preventing man-made damage.

  Question 2: How to install the webcam bracket?

  When installing webcams, there are two options: wall mounting and hoisting. There are many indoor hoisting options such as supermarkets, and wall mounting is generally used outdoors; Generally, a lighter machine can use a common bracket, while a heavier machine is recommended to use a heavier bracket.

  Question 3: What should I pay attention to when using the webcam power supply?

  No matter what kind of machine needs to use sufficient power supply, the price is a little high, but this kind of power supply is stable, and there are few after-sales problems.

  Question 4: What are the precautions for webcam transmission?

  In fact, the most troublesome and important part of choosing high-quality wire to reduce rework is in the transmission part. Whether the network cable or optical fiber is too poor in material selection or improper use, there will be many problems.

  Question 5: What appearance of webcam should be selected for indoor and outdoor use?

  Different machines should be selected for different environments. For better indoor decoration environments, such as indoor coffee shops, boutiques, hotels, etc., hemispherical cameras should be considered for the sake of beauty; In places with special indoor environment, although some grain and oil stores, hardware stores, hot pot stores and other environments are also indoor, gun machines must be selected, which can effectively prevent dust, moisture, lampblack, etc. from entering the machine and affecting the use of the machine.