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Wireless Dental Camera

  • Y5 as an intraoral camera has 3 million picture pixels, 8 LEDs, the picture display is more high-definition and exquisite. 

  • The 12.1mm camera diameter and thinner design make it easier to move in the oral cavity. 

  • The surface of the intraoral camera is non-slip lines and a silk-smooth integrated design, which is safer to use. 

  • With a 90° viewing angle, the details of the oral cavity are clear at a glance. 

  • The Dental Camera Y5 supports wireless WiFi connection, IP67 waterproof, and better protects your needs.

Here is Y5 intraoral camera's specification:

Picture Pixels3MP
Depth Of Field10-40mm
Focal Length18mm
Operate Voltage3.7V
Head Size12.1mm
Waterproof levelIP67
Battery Capacity500mAh
OperateAmbient temperature—10~60°
Working environment humidity45%-80%
Operate Time120min
Wireless transmission distance30M
Product Size210.5*22*19mm
Gross weight(g)153


Product detail

Wireless Dental Camera(图1)

Private Mold 

Smooth Integrated Design

The integrated mold design, is exquisite and the fancy wireless intraoral camera. 

As a professional manufacturer of intraoral cameras, we have the characteristics and advantages of high quality,  which can bring you more than a clear picture, but also a simplified lifestyle.

Wireless Dental Camera(图2)

Maybe these problems in your oral

Check the oral cavity daily, find oral problems in time, and prevent them in time.

Here are 4 points you need to know about the importance of keeping your mouth healthy

1. Protect the dental health to be able to chew and tear food properly to ensure feeding to maintain survival.

2. Healthy teeth can ensure normal speech function.

3. Healthy teeth can maintain a good facial image.

4. Healthy teeth can ensure normal head bone meshing, thus avoiding other diseases.

Wireless Dental Camera(图3)

Fancy Appearance, Refined To Every Detail

High-tech, high-value, user-friendly design 

personal care products

So why do we need a dental intraoral camera?

In some dental clinics, oral photography is good for communication between yourself and patients, peers, and easy to make detailed diagnosis and treatment plan for patients. 

It can be a good judgment of the prognosis, and is also an important reference standard for judging the efficacy of treatment. Y5 has become a more cost-effective presence.

It can be used as the basic data for academic research, but also an important source of data for self-summary, self-learning, patient education, teaching materials.

Sometimes, a good dental photography can give dental orthopedic technicians to pass more accurate, more intuitive aesthetic information, so that the technician to get a more complete aesthetic design ideas.

When dental intraoral camera Y5 is used as a personal care product, you will feel more relaxed when operating and using it because it is designed from the concept of simplifying people's lifestyles.

Wireless Dental Camera(图4)

Food Grade Material

Harmless to the human body, can be used directly inside the oral cavity. 

Anywii Y5 as an intraoral camera has CE and FCC certifications, as well as food grade safety certification. We put quality and safety as the first step.

Wireless Dental Camera(图5)

300W Picture Pixels & 90° Fov

This portable dental camera allows you to go beyond the limits of human vision and show the details of the inside of your mouth more clearly. 

You don't need to use the instruments in the dental office to view minor problems with your teeth.

Wireless Dental Camera(图6)

Smaller and Thinner Head Size

The streamlined, innovative design combines an extremely thin distal section with a reasonable head size for better access to the inside of the mouth. 

Sufficient LED lights provide good illumination. Therefore, you can better see the inside of the mouth.

Wireless Dental Camera(图7)

IP67 Waterproof

Easy to clean with water or disinfect with alcohol, care for oral health.

Wireless Dental Camera(图8)

Wireless WiFi Connection

Y5 intraoral camera supports all mobile phones, no interference from USB cable when using.

Wireless Dental Camera(图9)

Product Accessories Upgrade

Equipped with humanized product accessories, the operation is more reasonable and convenient.

Wireless Dental Camera(图10)

Multifunction Smart App

Check the oral cavity in real-time on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere.

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