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5 Common faults that occur with webcams(PC Cameras)

source:Knowledge Library release time:2022-04-19 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

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1. Colorful flashing bars or blue geometric shapes appear

The computer webcam shows a series of horizontal colored flickering bars and strange blue geometric shapes appear from time to time. The zoom sensor does not work. Do not worry, it may be caused by insufficient bandwidth of the USB port. If it is a desktop computer, it is best to use the USB port on the back of the host computer, the front of the interface is generally poor performance.


2. Computer does not recognize the webcam

When the webcam's software fails, it can lead to two situations, one of which is that the system does not recognize the camera.


If it is the case that the computer does not recognize the webcam, it is mainly because of the computer webcam driver problem, the solution is to consult the merchant or install the appropriate driver by yourself, if you want to avoid such a situation, you can consider buying a computer webcam that does not require a driver, plug and play.


3. Image flip problem

Another situation that can occur when the webcam's software fails is the image left and right flip up and down.

If the webcam image left and right flip up and down, this failure is common in the software settings error, sometimes the camera has supporting software that can be set, the software contains color, special effects, and image flip is one of the special effects, we can check whether the software is not set properly and lead to this problem.


Open 'AMCAP'; software, select 'Options' under 'Video Capture Filter', find 'Vertical ', click on it to solve the problem.

4. Webcam autofocus problem

When the webcam has an abnormal auto-focus problem, this situation requires the webcam to be returned for repair, which is generally unlikely to occur, and the merchant will be eager to help once such a situation occurs.


5. Webcam connected to MacBook

How can I connect my MacBook if I have a webcam? First of all, the MacBook is no USB-A interface, the buyer needs to have a hub connected to the MacBook, and then connect the camera to the hub so that you can solve the problem of using.

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