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All-in-one video conferencing system: make video conferencing as you wish!

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All-in-one video conferencing system: make video conferencing as you wish!



Video conferencing system video conferencing system includes software video conferencing system and hardware video conferencing system. 

At present, video conferencing is gradually developing in the direction of multi-network collaboration, high definition and development. General video conferencing system includes MCU multipoint controller (video conferencing server), conference room terminal, PC desktop type terminal, PSTNGateway, Gatekeeper and several other parts.


Video conferencing, with the following basic functions.

1. Free networking is possible. 

Any unit in the platform can establish a video conference, supporting at least 1000 meeting places at the same time, and the number of concurrent groups is not limited. The application mode of video conference can be extended vertically to the end and horizontally to the edge.

2. Docking with existing video conferencing system.

Support compatible interoperability with existing video conferencing systems of various departments that conform to international standard communication protocols, and make full use of all available resources such as large screens and microphones of existing video conferencing systems. In addition, by adopting back-to-back connection, it can dock with other video conferencing systems and realize real-time signal sharing and transmission in any venue.

3. Access to mobile devices can be realized. 

In addition to the traditional conference room terminal through access to the platform, the platform has a wide range of terminal access methods. 

The system supports APP clients installed on smartphones, pads, PCs and other mobile devices, covering Windows, Mac, Android, IOS and other systems.

Communicate naturally and effectively like face-to-face meetings, enabling users to communicate more effectively with customers, partners and colleagues

Various different terminals are connected to the MCU for centralized exchange, forming a video conferencing network. In addition, the voice conference system allows all desktop users to participate in voice conferences via PC, which are derived from video conferencing.

       Conference recording system for the government, enterprises and other institutions of the important meeting usually to video archives. And some traditional means of conference recording, such as tape recorders and hard disk recorders, are only able to record the video and audio signals of the venue.

       They are not able to record through the projector clearly and synchronously to show the speech, report and other content, which is often the focus of the meeting communication and discussion.

video conferencing.jpg

In the medical education industry, personnel training is usually used to learn on site, due to the limitations of the operating room environment, allowing a limited number of live observers, the clarity of recording equipment, etc..

The recording system can integrate and synchronize the video, audio, and image signals of electronic devices (including computers, video booths, etc.) recorded on site to generate standardized streaming media files for external live streaming, storage, post-editing, and on-demand playback. Viewers can log in to the recording system server through IE browser to watch the live video and graphic information, and also on-demand video information at a later stage.

Other systems, mainly refers to the conference support system (machine room, network, teleconference, etc.) and digital audio and video professional cabling system.


       Signal processing systems in conference rooms and command rooms have a wide variety of signals. There are audio signals, video signals, component video signals, DVI and HDMI and digital signals such as SDI that meet the requirements. 


       There are numerous sources for each type of signal. In the conference room there are numerous video playback devices, numerous computers, numerous cameras, external conference calls, surveillance signals, network signals, and various other conference room and command room signals. 


NDI Conference System.jpg

       All these input signals need to be output in any way to the specified devices, such as numerous monitors, audio and video recording devices, listening devices, and outwardly to teleconferencing systems, monitoring systems, network systems, various other conference rooms and command rooms. 


       Therefore, a variety of signal splitters, selective switchers, matrix switchers are needed to convert between various signal formats and have format converters. In order to signal long-distance transmission, there are network cables and fiber optic signal long-distance transmission transceiver, signal processing system also includes a variety of signal processors. Such as screen synthesis division, fade in and fade out switching, etc., in addition to the splicing display wall splicing control processor, edge fusion processor, image surface correction processor, etc.

Conference centralized control system centralized control system is also called central control system, central control system to complete the control of multimedia display system in the conference hall, including high brightness, high resolution display system and electric screen composition and the use of large screen splicing display system.

At the same time, the comprehensive centralized control of audio and video (A/V) systems, including the control of computers, cameras, DVDs, VCRs (video recorders), MD machines, physical booths, mixers, microphones, amplifiers, speakers, digital hard disk recorders and other specific equipment.

conference room camera.jpg

The control of the environmental system includes incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and other kinds of lamps, electric curtains and temperature control and other equipment control. Both through the conference system's own control functions for independent use, and through the control interface of the central control of real-time reflection of the state of speech and request status. At the same time also provides through the control interface to achieve manual control and strategic speaking control, and to do video following control. The unified remote management of each conference room is realized through the network, and the status of all equipment in each conference room can be monitored without going to the site, and remote operation can be realized through the graphic control interface.

The whole system is designed to establish a perfect and intelligent central control system for conference halls, and the advantageous functions realized by the system are as follows: operation linkage, simplification, humanization, functionalization and intelligence, which is the necessary system to ensure uninterrupted operation of meetings, especially large and complex meetings. 

Realize the system in the equipment of a key control or mode control, to achieve high reliability of the entire system; also provide so the details of the equipment control, and to meet the user's convenience in use, so that the user can control so the equipment without training. As much as possible to reflect the excellent functions of various equipment, so that all the equipment work in the best condition, to play the maximum effectiveness of the equipment. In order to improve the system work of operators, it is required to be able to realize the computer network control function and complete the functions of remote monitoring, remote synchronous control, remote maintenance and so on.

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