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How the tracking camera work?

source:Knowledge Library release time:2022-09-02 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

How the tracking camera work?

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Tracking camera technology is based on intelligent identification, differential calculation of the image, automatic identification of the visual range of the target's direction of motion, and automatic control of the PTZ on the moving target tracking target in the range of intelligent high-speed ball to leave the time, through the configured high-definition automatic zoom lens, so that all the action is clearly transmitted to the monitoring center. And once an alarm occurs in a certain area, other related intelligent high-speed ball will automatically rotate to the alarm point to start tracking, to ensure that the monitoring image can record the whole process of the movement of the target object.  

For ptz camera, the movement tracking function can be controlled without the software platform at the back end, as long as the task of tracking can be done automatically at the front end. When the target object enters the visual range of the dome, ptz camera can automatically identify the direction of the target movement and automatically control the rotation of the PTZ to track the moving target so that the object is located in the center of the screen, while the target can be automatically zoomed in. The automatic tracking continues until the target leaves the visual range of the ball camera, and the ball camera returns to the original observation point to prepare for the next tracking.  

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The realization of automatic tracking camera is based entirely on its unique functional module, intelligent high-speed generally consists of power mechanism, precision transmission device, camera, digital decomposition. Mechanical design compact and lightweight structure, high positioning accuracy and reliability, which makes the intelligent tracking camera can quickly and accurately automatic tracking, that is, any positioning, but also the full range of automatic cruising, to achieve a true blind spot-free monitoring.  

In addition, the intelligent high-speed dome camera lens part will generally choose a high-performance lens, optical zoom multiplier is generally up to 20 times or more. This allows the camera to track the target for automatic zoom and focus, when the distance between the target and the camera changes, but also automatically adjust the focal length to ensure that the target object in the picture of the appropriate proportion, in locking the target object at the same time, to achieve the purpose of high-definition monitoring.  

However, due to the complexity of the monitoring environment, it is still not enough to achieve the above requirements, in the tracking and monitoring process, there will be multiple moving objects, which is likely to cause the problem of inaccurate monitoring.  

In response to the above-mentioned problems, the second generation of mobile tracking technology uses the locking tracking method, that is, after the operator specifies the target, the intelligent high-speed ball will automatically track the movement of objects, for a specific person or object, the camera can be locked tracking, even if there are other people or moving objects into the camera's monitoring range, the camera will not lose the previously locked target object. In the large flow of people in the square, as long as the manual lock is tracked after the target, there will be no external reasons for inaccurate tracking phenomenon.  

At the same time, for the special case of monitoring the sudden disappearance of the target, some tracking cameras set three options after the disappearance of the object in question, the first is to continue tracking at the location of the disappearance; the second can be zoomed to the best tracking magnification after the continuous tracking of the target moving object; the third is to interrupt the automatic tracking, you can zoom to the starting point of the tracking magnification. The way of moving tracking    

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So, according to the above principle, we can divide the moving tracking into two main ways: area automatic tracking and locking precise tracking.


Area tracking: It means that if an object enters the set area of the tracking camera, it tracks its movement, and after tracking beyond the range, the tracking camera automatically returns and conducts a new round of tracking at the observation point. Area tracking function is mainly suitable for monitoring objects or moving objects less environment, if there is a moving person or object into the camera's monitoring range, the camera will automatically track it, but can not lock a specific person or target. Once there are multiple objects moving at the same time in the monitoring area, the tracking camera will lose the target object.


Locked tracking: that is, after the user specifies the target, the tracking camera will automatically track the movement of the object. Locked tracking technology is achieved by template matching algorithm, it can also have a good monitoring effect in the square such as a large, high-traffic areas, as long as manually lock the target being tracked, even if there are other moving objects in the monitoring area will not lose the first locked target.

The locking tracking can be set to manual locking and automatic locking.

Manual locking tracking is done by selecting a box on the screen with the mouse on the tracking target, and then locking the tracking target. Whether the target is moving or stationary, it will automatically track other moving objects, and the tracking is fast and smooth. This feature is suitable for security tracking camera in complex environments.

The first moving target is automatically tracked by moving auto-lock tracking, that is, who moves first to follow. If the first moving target stops and a second target moves, the second moving target will be tracked automatically. This function is suitable for unattended occasions, such as vaults, armories, power stations and other important places.

It should be noted that, in fact, image recognition linkage tracking, voice recognition linkage tracking and infrared recognition linkage tracking are also used in large meetings. In short, the powerful mobile tracking technology to become one of the main camera intelligence technology.

Anywii's HP800 is a conference camera with sound source tracking, which can perform well in small conference scenarios because you do not need to build a complex conference system. For more details, please refer to the product page of HP800.

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