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How to test the newly purchased webcam?

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How to test the newly purchased webcam?

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Nowadays, because of the epidemic, many people have started working from home. There is less face-to-face time between friends, replaced by online chats. Because of this, the demand for computer webcams is also gradually increasing, but many consumers feedback, I bought the webcam is obviously 4K, 30FPS, or 1080P 60FPS, but it seems to be slow to respond, then the real reason may be to spend a high price to buy the insertion of the value of the usb webcam products.


"Interpolation" is a term originally used in computers and later applied to digital images. When an image is enlarged, the number of pixels increases accordingly, but where do these additional pixels come from? The "interpolation" process automatically selects the pixels with the best information to add, rather than using only the close pixels, so that the image looks smoother and cleaner when it is enlarged - but it is important to note that interpolation does not add information to the image. For example, a photo where the person is only a white dot in the photo because they are far away, but when the image is interpolated and enlarged, the person is still a white dot, just slightly larger than before.


The pixels of the webcams for pc we commonly see in the market are usually 300,000 or 350,000 pixels, while some businesses often say that their products can reach the interpolated value of 1.2 million pixels, how is this the case? In fact, these webcams are calculated using software interpolation, which simply means that the 640X480 picture is stretched to 1024X768, and then the software is used to calculate the color difference between the picture resolution points, and the middle of the stretched part is filled with the color calculated by the software. This is done although the output picture is larger, but the quality of the image is not really improved, and there may even be serious distortion.

The following two methods are recommended for testing the usb webcam.


1. Use the web page

If you don't want to download any software, you can try the webcamtest website, it doesn't require any download, 4.21webcamtest1.pngyou just need to grant it temporary webcam access, and then click "test my cam" 

to test it. 

You can see the real frame rate and resolution 

of your usb webcam in the left information bar, and other parameters.



2. Use AMCap software

You can download an AMCap software to your computer, it occupies a relatively small amount of memory and is more commonly used in the computer webcam industry to test webcams.

Click on "Device" to select the type of webcam to be tested.4.21.png 

After clicking on "Video Device" in "Options" and selecting Capture Format, you can view and 

adjust the frame rate, resolution and image compression format. 

It's so convenient, why not share your friends in need now?



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