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Is a webcam the same as a laptop webcam?

source:Knowledge Library release time:2022-04-28 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

720P vs 1080P webcams, which one should be chosen? 

(5 important points you need to know are also very informative in 2022.)


Covid-19 is still impacting people's lives. It is rapidly changing the mode of communication for many people. Students need to access the Internet for classes, office workers often conduct online meetings, etc. The webcam has become the key to our most prominent remote face-to-face communication. Here's a look at 720P vs 1080P webcams, which one should be chosen?


1.Why most laptop webcams are 720P?

Most laptops on the market have built-in webcams, but why do most of them have a maximum resolution of 720P? This is because laptop customers tend to be more concerned with size, speed, weight, battery life and overall price/performance ratio. While taking pictures is a common activity with cell phones, it's safe to say that less than half of laptop users regularly use webcams.


The NotebookCheck article asked both Dell and AMD and got the same answer, that people don't buy a webcam based on how good it is, but rather prefer the size of the memory and the speed of the processor in a laptop. So installing better webcam modules on laptops is a non-essential move. Consumers are also very dissatisfied with this answer, and the ability to perform high quality video on laptops is what they want.


2.The difference between built-in webcam and external webcam

As we all know, the built-in webcam of notebooks will be relatively low pixel, whether it's more than $10,000 such as macbook or a low-cost $200 computer, it's usually 720P.


If the laptop is to be very thin, then the built-in webcam will not be able to have a high pixel module built in. The advantage of a built-in webcam is that you don't need to carry more accessories with you to go out, and you don't have to worry about losing the webcam. The disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the built-in webcam is generally low pixel, low frame rate problem. It will affect your video experience, and you can't adjust the angle at will because it is fixed at the beginning.


Why ought we to claim an usb webcam for laptop or pc? The self-evident reasons are way better picture quality, superior center execution, and simple to alter the point of the standalone webcam. The execution and cost of today's standalone webcams for PC are exceptionally great. At the same time, you can have a better quality Webcam for about $30 at the moment. Webcam also has a certain disadvantage, that is, when you use it, you need to manually connect it. So when buying, the plug and play feature is something to consider.


3. Comparison of 720P and 1080P Webcam

The first is a screenshot of the laptop's built-in webcam at 720P, the image color will not be too thick, while the field of view will be smaller.Is a webcam the same as a laptop webcam?(图1)

Is a webcam the same as a laptop webcam?(图2)

Then there is the Luckimage 1080P of the external computer webcam. The image color will look richer, while the field of view of the image will be more open.Is a webcam the same as a laptop webcam?(图3)

Is a webcam the same as a laptop webcam?(图4)

4. How to choose the right webcam for yourself

First you have to consider what you use the computer camera for? If you are engaged in live streaming, then trust me, choose a computer camera with 1080p settings with higher parameters. You'll be able to improve the video in your live stream at the same time, which is what viewers want to see.

Secondly, If you need to do a lot of online meetings, then try to buy a computer camera that has a large wide angle and also choose one that has AI sound source recognition, that will be very helpful.

Finally, If you are purely for online video chatting with friends, then choosing a cost effective 1080P computer camera will do the trick.


5. webcam recommendations

No one could say no to a great quality webcam at a low price. Luckimage is a patented private model computer camera manufacturer with 13 years of experience in the camera industry, which makes the product quality more reliable.


Luckimage H500 (4K Webcam): 

The surface of this webcam has a brushed texture, which is full of commercial sense. At the same time, the USB interface is plug and play, which is more convenient. 主4 拷贝.pngIt supports 60fps at 1080p resolution. The product comes with a privacy protection cover. The base has a tripod hole, which can be used with a tripod. This computer camera can be rotated 360°, and the bracket has a non-slip strip, which is more stable in use.


Luckimage H200 (2K Webcam with ring light):

1.Support remote zoom for long distance主1.png

2.Three Color ring fill light, adjustable by touch

3.Real 2K, 30fps, smooth and clear

4.Equipped with a magnetic physical privacy protection cover to protect privacy

5.The non-slip base fits firmly and has a tripod screw hole.

6.USB connection, plug and play

7.Auto focus

8.Dual built-in digital microphones, Omnidirectional stereo sound


Luckimage H705 (1080P webcam for pc):

主4 拷贝.png1. High-quality, hard-powered, red dot award designer's ingenuity, aluminum alloy appearance material, highlighting the business style of texture.

2. 1080P auto focus, dual omnidirectional AI noise reduction microphone.

3. The field of view is 80°, and the field of view is wider.

4. USB interface, plug and play.

5. Internal button privacy protection to protect your privacy.

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