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What are the features and functions of webcams?

source:Knowledge Library release time:2022-01-08 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

I don't know if your computer is equipped with a USB camera, especially for some self-exams, teachers usually recommend a webcam camera, which can supervise whether students are doing or answering questions. If the clarity of the computer USB camera is not good, the teacher will ask for a replacement. Next, let's take a look at the features and functions of web camera.


1. High-definition, beauty, no noise

This is one of the biggest features of webcam, and it is a necessary parameter for USB cameras. Compared with 720P webcam, now everyone is using 1920X1080P high-definition 2 million-pixel webcam, without any trouble of noise. Very worth using by webcam 1080P.


2. Plug and play, driver-free

This is a prerequisite for USB cameras, especially when you are troubled by installing USB drivers on your computer, you can immediately replace the new USB camera, and it will be used very smoothly.


3. Built-in MIC

Many computer webcams have built-in stereo speakers. When users use it, they can complete line-of-sight two-way calls without installing speakers. It is especially suitable for students who take online classes. It is especially recommended for self-exams.


4. Comes with privacy protection cover

The privacy protection cover of the webcam camera is very practical. When you use it, you can move the privacy cover to the side to communicate directly. If you stop using it, you can move the privacy protection cover(webcam covers) back to its original position. Moreover, the privacy protection cover also has a dustproof effect, which can well protect the privacy of the user, and also has a protective effect on the computer, and is not attacked by computer viruses.


5. Suitable for work in different occasions

PC cameras can be used in different occasions and in different jobs, such as in online celebrity live broadcasts, computer selfies, and video online classes. With a webcam, users can no longer be disturbed by the driver, and can directly connect to the computer. It can be used by connecting the USB interface.


6. Auto focus function

The web camera has its own focusing function, which will automatically adjust the image quality to be used according to the actual situation of the occasion.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a good webcam. It can have many functions, which can not only meet the needs of computer video, but also meet the needs of live online classes and video teaching. You can abandon the old-fashioned webcams and change it to The latest high-definition webcam will bring great convenience to your work or study. However, when you buy, you must choose genuine products, go to the regular electronic store to buy, don't be greedy for cheap, and the service life and quality cannot be guaranteed.

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