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What are the precautions in the daily use of webcams

source:Knowledge Library release time:2022-01-10 Hits:     Popular:video conference camera

Nowadays, friends who use computers are basically equipped with webcams, but they will encounter various problems in the use of cameras. Let's introduce the precautions in the use of webcams and how to maintain the best working condition.

Precautions in the daily use of webcams


1. Do not touch directly with hands

The surface of the webcam will be coated with a special optical film, the purpose is to efficiently receive the ambient light, if the hand touches it, it will leave fingerprints or smudges, which will directly affect the efficient absorption of ambient light by the camera, and the imaging effect will be reduced. Greatly reduced. Therefore, no matter how clean your hands are, you cannot directly touch the surface of the camera, so as not to affect the use effect.


2. Could not be stimulated by strong light

The components in the camera include plastic and polyester rubber. Under the irradiation of strong light, these two components will age, and the imaging effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when placing the camera, the lens should not be aimed directly at the strong sunlight, and should be kept away from heat sources. In addition, too weak light is not good. If the light is very dim, the image of the camera will appear very dim, and it will look pitch black. If the light is too strong, the camera image will look white. Therefore, a working environment with suitable light and brightness should be selected for video interaction.


3. Not affected by dust

Because the camera is exposed to the air when it is working, there will also be some dust in the air. If the dust is scattered on the surface of the camera and is not cleaned for a long time, the image of the camera will be blurred. In order to avoid this situation, everyone should try to work in a dust-free environment. After completing related tasks such as live video, be sure to cover the camera with the cover in time to achieve all-round protection to minimize the direct intrusion of dust. Chance. If a lot of dust has accumulated on it, you can wipe the dust covering the surface of the camera with a soft cotton cloth, and then wipe it with a glasses cloth.

Common matters in the daily use of webcams


1. What should I do if there is an imaging fracture?

When using a video camera for video communication, if the picture is broken, you can use some tricks to eliminate it. First of all, make sure that the camera with the USB interface is installed in a computer system with a relatively high hardware configuration.

Secondly, the higher the working frequency of the computer's CPU, the better, so as to ensure that the system can quickly decompress and display the compressed video dynamic content.


2. What should I do if there is a flower screen phenomenon?

If there is a blurry screen, you can check the driver first. First, check whether the camera driver is consistent with the current camera model. Second, check to see if several different versions of the camera driver are installed on the computer system at the same time.

The above problems in the daily use of webcams must be paid attention to, only in this way can they be used better, avoid problems and make life longer.


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