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Which usb webcam is best for PC in 2022?

Time:Apr 27,2022Views:

  Which usb webcam is best for PC in 2022?

  People's lives have changed a lot due to the widespread impact of Covid-19. More and more people are accustomed to online chatting and online video, usb webcam becomes more and more important in daily life and work, it brings more HD video experience, and the rich functions can also meet the needs of various business in different scenarios. Here is some practical advice that is helpful for you.

  Basic parameters

  First of all, to choose a good USB webcam, you had better know their basic parameters.


  The resolution of the webcam represents the maximum size of the image display that can be supported. For the senses, the larger the size of the image display supported, the clearer and more detailed the display will be (the specific performance is also related to the resolution of your display), and of course the size of the recorded video will be larger. If you are engaged in professional video shooting, uploading work, such as uploading videos to YouTube platform, full HD 1080p webcam will be more suitable for you. The general resolution of USB webcams on the market now is as follows:

  1. 640x480 (not recommended)

  2. 800x600 (not recommended)

  3. 1280x720, that is often referred to as 720P.

  4. 1920x1080, that is often referred to as 1080P.

  5. 4K, is often referred to 3840 x 2160 pixels or 4096 x 2160 pixels

  So how to choose the pixel, most of our general laptops and desktop computers are 1080P size, then you just need to choose a 1080P webcam can be very good to meet the demand, when if you use a 4K display screen, then it is highly recommended that you purchase a 4K USB webcam, you will have a good video experience effect, while the image display will also be clearer.

  Frame Rate

  The webcam frame rate represents the maximum video capture capability that can be supported at the maximum image display size, which for the senses is the smoothness of the image.

  Common webcam recording frame rates are as follows:

  1. 30fps

  Basic to meet the needs of ordinary video viewing

  2. 60fps


  Video will be more smooth, better experience, non-professionals do not need to demanding this value

  When buying a USB webcam, you also have to go to identify whether the product is interpolated or not, and this time you just need to compare the price of the product, generally the price of 4K webcam is more expensive than 1080P.


  The lenses of high-end webcams are usually made of glass, while lower priced webcams may be made of plastic. If the cost of procurement is limited, consider using plastic material.

  Wide Angle

  In video conferencing, be sure to choose a webcam with a wide-angle lens of 90 degrees or more, considering the number of participants and the size of the space. If the

  purpose is to video chat with friends,

wide angle.jpg

you can choose about 60 degrees, so that there will not be too much other content in your screen and can effectively protect your privacy.

  Automatic light correction

  Due to the weather, lighting and other factors, the recorded video in a video conference will appear dim. Auto Light Correction is a feature that detects and improves low light conditions and compensates for low light; in addition, Auto Light Correction enhances color and adjusts exposure to give you the best picture in harsh or dim light.

  Autofocus and fixed focus

  The advantage of autofocus is that you don't need to make adjustments to the focus as often after you connect the camera. But the disadvantage is that autofocus takes time, so the best thing is to choose a camera that can autofocus quickly.

  The advantage of fixed focus is that the focal length is fixed and the image will be clearer, but the disadvantage is that you need to manually adjust the focus before each use.

  Privacy protection cover


Privacy protection cover.jpg

  Network security is something we need to be concerned about. More buyers will prefer to buy a USB camera with a privacy cover that is physically resistant to cyber hacking.