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Wireless Otoscope Camera

Frosted feel, thinner appearance design, easier to control. High-definition imaging effect, even more subtle objects can be seen clearly. WIFI transmission, convenient and quick to use. The strong endurance and IP67 waterproof effect, while the constant use temperature of 29 ℃, can better protect your safety and your experience. What suits you is often more important than making a choice.

Product MoldA5pro
Resolution640*480p(Picture Pixel 3MP)
Focal Length1.5±0.5cm
Support systemIOS Android
Operate Voltage200mA @3.7V
Head Size4.5mm
Waterproof levelIP67
Battery Capacity280mAh
Operate Ambient temperature-20~60°
Working environment humidity45%-80%
Operate Time60~80mins
Wireless transmission distance30M

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Product detail

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图1)

HD Wireless Visual Otoscope Camera

Product upgrade,more functions with less price, absolute advantage of price and strength

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图2)

New breakthrough in the industry

the best choice of cost performance

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图3)

Excellent appearance & High quality

There are 3 colors of the otoscope,which meet the preferences of different groups of people

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图4)

3 Mega picture pixels HD image display

With a 3 megapixel camera lens,you can even see the capillaries clearly in the ear canal

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图5)

Very thin lens, no matter how small canal you have

The size of lens is very small,which almost suitable for various people

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图6)

Wireless WiFi Connection

Support all mobile phone and tablet real-time viewing

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图7)

Intelligent directional control

Built in Four-axis directional gyroscope,when you rotating the otoscope,

the gyroscope will rotate to oppsite direction,so the angle of image showing will not change

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图8)

IP67 Waterproof level

The lens comply with the international IP67 waterproof standard, you can clean it with water or alcohol at any time

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图9)

Bouncy antibacterial inner buckle ear scoop

More comfortable and safer to protect our ear canal

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图10)

Streamlined Smart APP Easy to use

It's so easy to use that even children and the aged people can learn how to use it quickly!

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图11)

Small size & light weight

Small size means easy to carry,light weight means less shippping cost

Wireless Otoscope Camera(图12)

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