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PTZ Camera Controllers

Model: C2

Type: Joystick Controller

The C2 PTZ camera controller is a versatile device that supports multiple communication protocols, including complete VISCA, ONVIF, PELCO-P, and PELCO-D. It can control the software functions of conference cameras and supports a 4D joystick to control PTZ function and sawtooth switch to control zoom speed.

With its support for IE web page settings and 7 buttons from CAM1 to CAM7, the C2 PTZ camera controller makes it easy to switch between cameras quickly and conveniently. It also supports POE for added flexibility.

Whether you're looking for a solution for enterprise remote video conferencing, high-end theater audio-visual systems, or large-scale live broadcast scenarios, the C2 PTZ camera controller is a reliable and flexible choice. Its versatile communication protocols, intuitive controls, and support for POE make it a valuable addition to any setup.


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