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Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone

M09 speakerphone is designed to capture even the tiniest sounds from 360° directions, making it louder, clearer, and better suited for conference scenarios. With easier operation and more powerful features, it's the ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their audio conferencing capabilities.

Product Model

Pickup radius 4m
Speaker volume 90dB
Pickup mode 360° all-round pickup
Voice sampling rate 48KHz
Reverberation time < 0.5sec
Noise level < -48dBA
Microphone signal frequency response 100Hz-22KHz
Loudness signal frequency response100Hz-22KHz 
Echo cancellation length≥ 500ms
Deep echo cancellation (AEC)full-duplex echo cancellation depth of      65dB or more
Two-way noise compression (NC)noise compression up to 18dB


Product detail

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图1)

Bluetooth/USB Conference Speakerphone

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图2)

Omnidirectional Precision Pickup Mode

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图3)

Professional DSP Technology

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图4)

Full Duplex with Echo Cancellation

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图5)

Smart Sound Direction Finding

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图6)

Long Usage Time

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图7)

Variety of Connections

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图8)

Flexible Configuration

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图9)

Excellent Compatibility

Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone(图10)

Main Functions of Speakerphone Buttons

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