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Omnidirectional Conference Speakerphone

The M01 speakerphone has an exquisite and simple appearance, making it easy to carry and perfect for private travel. It's a cost-effective audio configuration for conference systems. With both wireless Bluetooth and USB cable connections available, it's easy to connect and set up with plug and play functionality.

The microphone pickup radius of up to 3 meters is ideal for small meetings and personal offices of up to 15 square meters. Whether you need to work on-the-go or conduct a small meeting, the M01 speakerphone is a reliable and efficient choice.

Product ModelM01
Pickup radius3m
Speaker volume80dB
Pickup mode360° all-round pickup
Voice sampling rate16KHz
Reverberation time< 0.5sec
Noise level< -48dBA
Microphone signal frequency response100Hz-7KHz
Loudness signal frequency response100Hz-22KHz
Audio 3A algorithmEcho Cancellation (AEC), Noise Suppression (ANS), Automatic Gain (AGC)
Intelligent Microphone Auto Direction Finding Technology (EMI)Support
Full duplex echo cancellation, dynamic noise suppressionSupport


Product detail

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Bluetooth/USB Conference Speaker

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Omnidirectional Precision Pickup Mode

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Advanced audio algorithms

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Full Duplex with Echo Cancellation

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Long Usage Time

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Variety of Connections

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Excellent Compatibility

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Main Functions of Buttons

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What's in the box

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Product Specifications

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