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QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam
QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam
QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam
QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam
QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam
QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam

QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam

The Anywii H200 webcam is a high-performing 2K HD webcam with excellent image quality, remote zoom adjustment, and dual stereo microphones. Its patented private mold appearance design and balanced ring light effect make it the perfect choice for those who value style and performance.

With the H200 webcam, you can easily make a highlight on live streaming platforms. The remote zoom adjustment feature allows you to adjust your settings in real-time, reducing your workload during transmission. Plus, with fearless competition, you can stay connected and confident during important calls and meetings.

InterfaceUSB 2.0
MicrophoneBuilt in two noise cancelling Microphones
AutoExposure compensation, white balance, color correction, light adjustment or more
Smart ring light3 colors
Stepless dimmer
Touch control
Infrared Remote controlZOOM
Turn on/ off images
Software supportSkype/ Twitch/ YouTube/ Facebook/ OBS/ Xsplit/ Mixer/ Hangouts/ Zoom/ Life Size/ Yahoo/ MSN/ LINE/ Meet/ Chromacam or more
System supportWindows XP/ VISTA/ Win7/ Win8/ Win10/ Linux 2.6.24 and above/ Ubuntu 14.04 and above/ Mac OS 10.6 and above/ Android 5.1 and above (Via UVC protocol) or more

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Product detail

QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam(图1)

QHD 2K USB Webcam

  • Enjoy high-quality images with the real 2K 4MP lens. 

  • The ultra-high resolution makes it able to reach 30fps at the maximum resolution of 2K, allowing you to enjoy extremely smooth images with crystal clear and realistic colors. 

  • With the built-in ring light sources, it creates a more natural look in your video calls.

QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam(图2)

Zoom Adjustment by Remote Control

  • You can adjust the light to create a perfect lighting effect. The two-way wide-angle lens can capture more beautiful and natural pictures of your face, eyes, and facial features.

  • Why do people like 2k webcams? Because they' re easy to use, high definition image recording and can be connected easily to any laptop. Whether it is a soft or a detailed picture, you will have everything at your fingertips with this product.

  • The 2K webcam is equipped with a remote control and a wide-angle lens. The ring light ensures a clear image in OFF mode, and the camera can be used as a traditional webcam in order to take photos and record videos.

QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam(图3)

Accurate and Fast Autofocus Lens

  • The 2k camera can deliver a clear picture, the lens can accurately recognize and focus on the subject. With an automatic color correction, exposure adjustment, light enhancement and so on.

  • Even in low light conditions, the built-in ring light makes it easy to capture the details even in dark areas.

  • It is a great replacement for the camera built into most computers. The automatic light adjustment technology optimizes the webcam's settings so that you always have the best shot you can.

QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam(图4)

Touch Control 3 Colors and Brightness Adjust

  • With three colors temputure ring light that can be adjusted brightness in stepless level via touch control. The lighting effects are beautiful and real-time, which helps you make video face more clear and bright. 

  • You can capture beautiful pictures or record high-quality videos from your favorite webcam with 2K resolution.

QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam(图5)

Stepless Brightness Level

  • The most prestigious product of 2k, usb webcam can be quickly adjusted to suit your requirements. 

  • You can change the color and brightness of light through touch button. With a ring light, the appearance becomes more beautiful. 

QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam(图6)

Intelligent Magnetic Privacy Cover & Ring Light

Magnetic Webcam Cover

  • This webcam cover is made of premium material, it is easy to attach and detach. 

  • The strong magnet can prevent your video from being seen by others. It is both fashionable and functional!

QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam(图7)

Intelligent Magnetic Switch

  • This mini webcam is ideal for video conference with friends. The HD webcam features an intelligent magnetic switch design, cover the lens to turn off light, remove the cover to turn on light with memory ability that keep the color and brightness of light the last time.


QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam(图8)

High Quality Two Stereo Microphones

  • Built-in mics both right and left side, voice pickup to 5 meters. It's a webcam that is the best choice for your work, meeting or life.

  • The built-in dual microphones are designed for the noise reduction of both directions and ensure high audio quality.

QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam(图9)

360°Rotatable & 90°Flip

  • H200 2k webcam is the perfect companion for your PC. With it, you can comfortably speak over the internet and video conference with your friends and family because its ring light will illuminate you in low-light environments. 

  • It can rotate 360 degrees left and right, flip down 90 degrees and rotate up 180 degrees so that no placement needs are beyond its ability to perform.

QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam(图10)

Background Replacement

  • Freely switch backgrounds on some software, such as youtube, obs, skype, or more, which makes the live streaming, video recording, and online teaching more convenient and vivid.

QHD 2K Ring Light Webcam(图11)

Product Packing

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