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All-in-one Autofocus Webcam
All-in-one Autofocus Webcam
All-in-one Autofocus Webcam
All-in-one Autofocus Webcam
All-in-one Autofocus Webcam
All-in-one Autofocus Webcam
All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

H721A is an all in one usb webcam for pc, including 1080p autofocus lens, speaker and microphones. It also supports 5x digital zoom via remote control. 

Product parameters:



Picture Parameters

Full HD 1080P/ 2 mega pixels

Frame Rate


Field of View


Image Focal Length

8cm to infinity

Focus Type

Auto focus

Speaker Parameters



Dual digital microphones

Pickup Distance

Enhanced sound pickup 5m

Privacy Protection

Built-in slide privacy protection

Noise Reduction

Support AEC, AI noise reduction

Line Length





Driver-free, plug-and-play

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Product detail

All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

All-in-One Autofocus Webcam

As a usb webcam for pc, including 1080p autofocus lens, speaker and microphones, H721A supports 5x digital zoom via remote control.

The exterior surface is a high-grade surface treatment process like CD grain, delicate touch, with a sense of metal.

All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

All-in-one usb webcam product developed by Anywii's own R&D team and manufactured and processed in its own factory, with various patents. At the same time, it is unique in the market as a patented private mold.

All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

Full HD 1080P AutoFocus

USB webcam delivers not only a 1080p HD picture quality experience, but unprecedented convenience.

Autofocus speed becomes faster. Accurately and quickly lock the subject within one seconds, always deliver crystal clear images.


With a field of view of up to 90°, the usb webcam is placed in the right position to make remote meetings in small conference rooms possible.

All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

Inbuilt 5W Speaker

H721A usb webcam is built-in 5W high fidelity speaker, provide a louder sound to fill the whole room.

The built-in speakerphone is designed to be as loud as possible while also having a good sound quality.

Of course, you can use it not only for video conferencing, you can also use it to play your favorite music, which is also a good choice.

All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

Two Stereo Microphones

With two built-in stereo microphones, it uses AI noise reduction and echo cancellation technology to deliver high-quality sound.

 All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

You can enjoy the best audio transmission experience within a range of 5 meters, and the microphone has a maximum pickup distance of 8 meters. An all-in-one computer camera that clears the desktop of all kinds of data cables or video peripherals that bother you.

All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

Remote Controller, 5X Digital Zoom

The IR remote control supports zoom in and zoom out, freely adjust the fov according to your needs.



The maximum 5 times digital zoom, you can choose to increase or decrease the appearance of objects in the picture by remote control adjustment, which can indirectly protect your privacy.


Double Privacy Protection, Voice & Video Control

Mute button and inbuilt sliding privacy cover to effectively avoid your privacy leakage.


Indicator lights.

①Image indicator: out of the picture state light blue, not out of the image, the blue light is off.

②Mute indicator: the mute state lights up red, and the red light goes off when normal pickup.

Mute switch button:

Press to mute microphones, re-press to unmute (according to mute indicator status)

All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

Exquisite Design To Every Detail

Every detail of this webcam is in pursuit of excellence, and the private mold is protected by patent.


Multiple Usage Scenarios

Plug and play usb, multiple functions are integrated into the webcam, which can meet the various needs of usage.


Conferencing& Video call:

Because of covid-19, People are becoming more frequent in online meetings and video chat online. When you are troubled by the poor picture quality of the webcam that comes with your laptop, or troubled by the lack of microphone and speakerphone hardware accessories, usb webcam can completely solve these situations and even make you feel simple and comfortable.


When you need to work from home, the usb webcam is good to act as a simple conference camera, no need to build a complex conference system, and no need to install any driver, USB interface to connect your laptop or desktop computer, you can run normally.


Gaming& Live streaming:

Whatever gaming or live streaming, you will be very natural to have video chat conversations using this camera and also more beneficial for your HD live streaming or a game recording.


Online Study& Telemedicine:

The all-in one webcam is mainly produced to simplify the accessories needed for people to video chat and to increase your desktop space. You will get a more comfortable environment for online learning as well as remote medical diagnosis.

Our professional R&D team has 20 years of experience in audio and video research, which is the reason why users using H721A webcam are assured.

All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

All-in-one Autofocus Webcam

Product Accessories


Packaging and Dimensions

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